Candied Fennel: From bulb to fonds

So many people ask me for this recipe that I thought it was about time I put the recipe down on paper. Ok well this isn’t paper but you know what I mean. For all of you that love the candied fennel stems I hand out in class here’s to you!

Fennel stems sliced 1/4″ thick or thinner

 Syrup (1 part sugar 1 part water) -enough to submerge the stems 

Granulated Sugar


Bring the simple syrup to a boil add the stems, simmer for about 1 min or less if they are thinner, you still want them to have a little crunch. 

Strain off the stems and save the simple syrup, use it in your coffee or to soak your cake in, or to make fruit sauces, or your favorite cocktail. You get my meaning here? It’s still very useful after it’s done it’s job for the fennel!

Lay the fennel out on a sheet pan and leave out at room temperature until it’s dry but still tacky, it may take a couple of days. While it’s still tacky toss it in granulated sugar to get that sugary coating. By the way it’s going to stick to your sheet tray. Scrape it off with a spatula.

If you are impatient you can dry it in the oven at the lowest setting. It will change the color a bit but will taste all the same. 

Serve on salads, panna cotta, munch as a snack, try it in a scone go crazy and enjoy! 






4 thoughts on “Candied Fennel: From bulb to fonds

  1. This looks amazing and i have just been given 3 fennel bulbs complete with stems so will be trying this.

    How long would they keep in an airtight container?? was thinking about my Christmas hampers…

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