Beautiful Edibles In Your Yard

Did you know that you might have gorgeous edible flowers right in your yard? Some of these beautiful flowers add an amazing garnish or flavor to dishes and will make you the hit of the outdoor and indoor parties this summer.   

The columbine is one of my favorite edible flowers. While many flowers are gorgeous they are sometimes bitter. The very base of the flower petal has a little ball on the end that tastes like honey. It truly is amazing. 


The allium flower is of course from the onion family. These gorgeous mini flowers on this giant ball have just a hint of chive flavor and also a surprising sweetness. Sprinkle them on your next salad and wow your friends. 







All the flowers that your collard greens, chard and broccoli are edible and lovingly retain the flavors of the plant they come from. So if you are letting your plants go to seed pull some of the flowers and saute them for veggy side dish. 



Some of these flowers might just be too pretty to eat. But it’s true fuchsias make a bright splash to any salad or dessert. These gorgeous flowers come in all shapes sizes and colors and if you are lucky to have them around you can look as well as eat! 

We know many of the wonderful things that lavender flavors from creme brulee to tea to shortbread cookies. While eating an entire flower may be a little overwhelming all of the cute little buds that come off of the large flower are a little more palatable. Stir them into sugar for lavender sugar. Use the whole flower and stem to smoke pork! 


Pansy is still a favorite walking snack these cuties have a slightly tannic quality but in general are pretty mild. This makes them an excellent garnish for something that has delicate flavor. Of course these also come in a bazillion colors and sizes so you can pick and choose or mix it up to make for a really colorful dish. 




While some people will tell you that roses are bitter, we know better! The people of the City of Roses know that there are more roses then colors in the rainbow and guess what they all have different flavors. While some, yes, may be bitter (but still totally edible) other have a wonderful floral quality without the bitterness and some are just plain sweet and taste of peaches. If you have roses in your yard give em a try, if you like them awesome it’s a bonus! 




That’s right, fun to play with AND you can eat them. It’s great to have flowers with a shape like this that will stand up and take notice on your plate. How great is it to once again have a huge variety of colors to play with?! 



Have fun in the spring and add a splash of color to your food! Other flowers that are edible are nasturtiums, squash blossoms, many herb flowers, chrysanthemums , carnations, bachelor buttons, marigolds and peonies! Things to keep in mind, don’t just stuff your face with random flowers, they aren’t all edible. Think about it in terms of your produce, if it’s been sprayed with a bunch of pesticides just enjoy the visual aspects, only eat it if you know where it comes from or how it’s been growing.  And if you have pets? Well eat the ones that are high off the ground. Enjoy your spring!! 

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Edibles In Your Yard

  1. This was great! Have all thesee I’m my yard & knew so me were edible but not so not many. Maybe flower salad for dinner!

  2. What gorgeous photos! I love using edible flowers. Right now I am saving lilac petals for a batch of lilac wine. You can freeze them until you have enough. If you’d like to join me and try making lilac wine, you can start saving them and I’ll be posting about the process next week.

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