Our two teen daughters attended Portland’s Culinary Workshop Teen Cooking Camp.  It was the perfect place for them to develop fundamental skills such as knife work, and to begin to hone their cooking skills.  Since my wife and I are both working full-time, this program not only develops important life skills, but helps us in our day-to-day life as the girls are better able to help with meal preparation.   Portland’s Culinary Workshop is a camp that will benefit our whole family for many meals to come.     -Ken


I loved this cooking class! My partner and I both felt like we were being included in the foodie scene – not lectured at or “talked down to.” We learned a lot and we enjoyed what we brought home in the end.  I would definitely do it again.   -Nina


I’ve taken several classes at Oregon Culinary Institute while they still offered consumer classes on the weekends. Melinda was our instructor in several of the classes and I thought she was great. I was very pleased to see that she and Susana Holloway were opening PCW. I had an opportunity to attend their class on Paella with my son in law on father’s day. The class was great. Susana is an excellent instructor and took the time to explain the “whys” as well as the “hows”. Susana noticed things like knife technique and was good at helping some of the group improve their skills and techniques. In addition to Paella we made fritters from dried, salt cured, cod fish (“Bacalao”), mashed potatoes, green onion, egg, etc and they were fantastic. I learned the technique for making the the cool little three sided football shaped things that you see the chefs on Iron Chef America making with two spoons (“Quenelles” if you’re keeping tract). We ate our lunch family style and a Sommelier Chef from OCI gave us a tasting of Spanish wines that complemented the Tapas and the Paella. Wonderful. The only reason there was anything left to take home was that the Paella could easily have fed a dozen hungry teenage boys. Mel and Susana have created an extremely inviting place for those who are interested in good food without the attitude. They stock good quality essentials for the kitchen and are happy to share information on where to get good supplies and ingredients. If you like to bake, stopping by for 20 sheets of pre-cut parchment paper for $2 and a cup of coffee is well worth your time. If its happy hour the White Eagle is just down the block. I’m happy to give this experience a big 2 thumbs up. Thanks Guys!     -Richard


I highly recommend Portland’s Culinary Workshop. Excellent venue, friendly and informative instructors. Delicious food, easy to make! A ton of fun:-)             -Laura


This was one of the best cooking classes I have done. Very hands on. I am definately going to sign up for more classes! -Joan