Team Buildings Reclaimed!!

Have you ever been part of a company that does “Forced Family Fun”? That’s what we heard Team Buildings called today and maybe Team Building has become a four letter word these days. I know that I’ve been dragged (literally) to mandatory bonding events where I had to bowl or play laser tag or do a trust fall with my colleagues when I’d rather be getting work done or actually be engaged in a fun activity (though laser tag was a cathartic slaughter of my boss). How about we take back Team Buildings and make them a good time where you can take something that is essential, almost primal, and simple, and break bread with each other.

PCW invites you and your team into our space to learn a new skill, work together in a new dynamic way to build morale and develop lasting relationships that end with sitting down together and eating an amazing meal. Seriously how cool is that? What a great way to get your managers or employees to engage and work in cooperation.

Anyone who is in business knows that turnover is one of the number one labor expenses. How about cultivating a work place environment where your employees look forward to a quarterly gathering because they know it’s going to be something useful to their business relationships and to their own personal growth.

Keep Portland’s Culinary Workshop in mind next time you have a company gathering, we can cater it directly to fit your needs and budget. Reclaim Team Buildings!

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