Team Building

Team Building

Get Them out of the Office

Take your employees out of their normal environment and throw them into a fun, dynamic way to build morale and develop teamwork.  The kitchen environment is the place to develop a plan of action, create job lists and strategies and work together for a common goal with quality. Our Team Building classes allow you to pick a theme and watch as employees or trainees work in a challenging and structured way that will foster leadership, communication and a greater sense of camaraderie.

We Cater to your Needs

Most classes are three hours long and end in a big meal. You are welcome to choose from any of the classes we offer or we can cater something to fit your group. We can happily help you with dietary restrictions as well.  We look forward to building a great team building session just for you! As with any of our events you are also welcome to bring your own beer and wine with no corkage fee.


Groups 6-11  $85 per person or $95 with beer and wine
Groups 12-24 $65 per person  or $75 with beer and wine

Pasta from Scratch class-Take home all the pasta that you make that day, no meal

Groups 6-11  $65 per person or $75 with beer and wine
Groups 12-16 $45 per person or $65 with beer and wine

Kids 12 and under $20 off class price, we do not do pricing below $45 per person

Some popular options:

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