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Culinary Demo Videos

I thought I’d dig up all the videos I could find of us on Youtube and post them all in one location for you to peruse at your leisure! We are hysterical not only in person but embarrassingly so on video so these of course are entertaining as well as informative. Enjoy and please feel free to ask us your food questions! 


How to cut an onion 

Chef Casady’s Turducken

Profile of a Culinary Educator-Melinda

A Kitchen Knife a Basic Primer

Braised Lamb with Hazelnut Nectar 

Extreme Cuisine with Drew Carney

Susana on Good Day Oregon

Facebook Videos! Chicken Liver Mousse

PCW’s Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and we were all reading Dickens

Not a creature was stirring except Kevin the chicken

The bacon stockings were hung by the chimney so careful,

Each owner hoping that St. Nick would leave them a truffle.


The plums were all nestled in sugar and rum,

While tortes, and salted caramels made us all feel numb.

And my partner and I in my organic hand crocheted cap,

Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.


When out in the pesticide free garden arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was a matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Tripping over the yoga mat as I made my mad dash.


The moon shining golden like butter on rib eye steak,

Brought light through jars of chutney we make.

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see,

But at least fifty Santas standing in the community garden’s snap peas.


Carrying rakes, and hoes and wearing cute garden clogs,

One on a ipad in the midst of a blog.

Another in charge with smile on his face,

Hushed the crowd, looking for peace.


“Now you and you”, he pointed around,

We need to get these seeds into the ground.

We’ll protect them with magic until they’re ready for spring,

And then people in town will eat like a king!


Eggplants and peppers, kale and chard,

Lettuce, and beans, we’ll use every square yard!

Raspberries and tomatoes that are only the best din,

When they’re eaten in season juice that runs down your chin.


A Santa in back her hand bounced in the air,

“But what if they don’t cook or sadly don’t care?”

The Santa in charge with a twinkle in his eye,

Said, “We’ll teach them our passion, one person at a time.”


We’ll show them the fabulousness of garlic and thyme,

Of cilantro and coconut, peanuts and lime.

The awe of vegetable cooked just so,

Will bring them back to the kitchens they know.


Young or old we’ll teach them the magic,

Of tenderloin stuffed with blue cheese, shrooms and cabbage.

Each person will learn how to wield the knife,

And families will cook together every night.


As the country’s health travels down a better path,

There will be money for English, Science and Math.

We’ll go back to invention and creation of things,

Think of it only from learning to cook instead of “fries with that please”.


There was a whispered cheer from the crowd and a bustle of motion,

And I slipped away from the window filled with emotion.

Before I slipped back in bed I typed into my calendar,

Reminder “Garden Party/Cooking Class” in early September.


They slipped away before morning and left only neat rows,

Of what soon will be meals for who only knows.

Food for the body, and the soul in each bite!

We are wishing you a Merry Christmas and to all a good night!


Do Mushroom Soak Up Water When You Wash Them? Culinary Mythbusters 2

The second question we tackled was a question we get a lot at the shop, “I heard that I wasn’t supposed to wash mushrooms because they soak up water”. This of course is usually followed by an explanation that they are not interested in eating “mushroom growing material” or poop. We gotcha. 

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Beautiful Edibles In Your Yard

Did you know that you might have gorgeous edible flowers right in your yard? Some of these beautiful flowers add an amazing garnish or flavor to dishes and will make you the hit of the outdoor and indoor parties this summer.   

The columbine is one of my favorite edible flowers. While many flowers are gorgeous they are sometimes bitter. The very base of the flower petal has a little ball on the end that tastes like honey. It truly is amazing. 


The allium flower is of course from the onion family. These gorgeous mini flowers on this giant ball have just a hint of chive flavor and also a surprising sweetness. Sprinkle them on your next salad and wow your friends. 







All the flowers that your collard greens, chard and broccoli are edible and lovingly retain the flavors of the plant they come from. So if you are letting your plants go to seed pull some of the flowers and saute them for veggy side dish. 



Some of these flowers might just be too pretty to eat. But it’s true fuchsias make a bright splash to any salad or dessert. These gorgeous flowers come in all shapes sizes and colors and if you are lucky to have them around you can look as well as eat! 

We know many of the wonderful things that lavender flavors from creme brulee to tea to shortbread cookies. While eating an entire flower may be a little overwhelming all of the cute little buds that come off of the large flower are a little more palatable. Stir them into sugar for lavender sugar. Use the whole flower and stem to smoke pork! 


Pansy is still a favorite walking snack these cuties have a slightly tannic quality but in general are pretty mild. This makes them an excellent garnish for something that has delicate flavor. Of course these also come in a bazillion colors and sizes so you can pick and choose or mix it up to make for a really colorful dish. 




While some people will tell you that roses are bitter, we know better! The people of the City of Roses know that there are more roses then colors in the rainbow and guess what they all have different flavors. While some, yes, may be bitter (but still totally edible) other have a wonderful floral quality without the bitterness and some are just plain sweet and taste of peaches. If you have roses in your yard give em a try, if you like them awesome it’s a bonus! 




That’s right, fun to play with AND you can eat them. It’s great to have flowers with a shape like this that will stand up and take notice on your plate. How great is it to once again have a huge variety of colors to play with?! 



Have fun in the spring and add a splash of color to your food! Other flowers that are edible are nasturtiums, squash blossoms, many herb flowers, chrysanthemums , carnations, bachelor buttons, marigolds and peonies! Things to keep in mind, don’t just stuff your face with random flowers, they aren’t all edible. Think about it in terms of your produce, if it’s been sprayed with a bunch of pesticides just enjoy the visual aspects, only eat it if you know where it comes from or how it’s been growing.  And if you have pets? Well eat the ones that are high off the ground. Enjoy your spring!! 

Candied Fennel: From bulb to fonds

So many people ask me for this recipe that I thought it was about time I put the recipe down on paper. Ok well this isn’t paper but you know what I mean. For all of you that love the candied fennel stems I hand out in class here’s to you!

Fennel stems sliced 1/4″ thick or thinner

 Syrup (1 part sugar 1 part water) -enough to submerge the stems 

Granulated Sugar


Bring the simple syrup to a boil add the stems, simmer for about 1 min or less if they are thinner, you still want them to have a little crunch. 

Strain off the stems and save the simple syrup, use it in your coffee or to soak your cake in, or to make fruit sauces, or your favorite cocktail. You get my meaning here? It’s still very useful after it’s done it’s job for the fennel!

Lay the fennel out on a sheet pan and leave out at room temperature until it’s dry but still tacky, it may take a couple of days. While it’s still tacky toss it in granulated sugar to get that sugary coating. By the way it’s going to stick to your sheet tray. Scrape it off with a spatula.

If you are impatient you can dry it in the oven at the lowest setting. It will change the color a bit but will taste all the same. 

Serve on salads, panna cotta, munch as a snack, try it in a scone go crazy and enjoy! 






It’s Never Too Early For Death Nog

As we are rapidly approaching… more like rocketing toward, the days of spending hours upon hours with our loved ones, I started thinking about the drink we maybe shouldn’t be without. Instead of waiting until the news starts blaring “BLIZZARD APOCALYPSE OF 2011!!” in hopes of scaring us into canceling our travel plans to Grandma’s house, we should start with a warm and terribly fuzzy recipe. 

Do not drink this before driving, operating heavy machinery, or trying to have an intelligent conversation. 



2 cups Brandy

2 cups Rum

2 cups whiskey

5 eggs separated

2 cups powdered sugar sifted

1 qt Half & Half


In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and the powdered sugar until light and fluffy. Take a swig of brandy. Dump in 1 cup of the rum, whiskey and the 1 cup minus the swig of the brandy. Refrigerate for at least an hour. Take a swig of Rum. Combine the half & half and the rest of the alcohol after taking a swig of whiskey (it needs to be even). Whisk the  egg whites till soft to medium peaks. Fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture and then fold into the half & half mixture.Refrigerate. Drink, Eat, Sleep. 

I believe the shelf life of this is well past that of a Twinkie.  

The original version of this from Jane. Thanks Jane! 

Rewards for you our loyal friends

Hooray! PCW has a frequent buyer program in place!!

We’ve been trying to come up with some way to keep track of all the people that are coming through our doors without the old punch card system. Lucky for us a new company in town called Perka had the solution! Now every time you join us for a class you can “check in” to Perka on your iphone or Android or just send us a quick text and you’ll receive a “punch”. Hooray! So easy for you, so easy for us and no one kills any trees to do it.

After 3 classes you’ll receive a free utensil

After 5 classes you’ll get 20% off your next class

After 9 classes you get your 10th class free and become a VIP

VIP’s receive $5 off classes for life!

WHOA that’s pretty sweet. Download the Perka app for free now and be prepared the next time you arrive at the shop.



And once again don’t worry if you don’t have a smart phone there is a quick text you can do while you’re at the shop. Perka is for everyone!

Thank you so much to you all, because we have frequent class participators we can now have rewards, and we are very happy to be able to reward you. We appreciate all your business and your support so that we can continue doing what we love and hopefully bring more people back to their kitchens!









Early Morning Eel

It’s 7am Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the shop listening to Peter Gabriel and eating a salad made of leftovers from Friday and Saturday’s classes, Sushi and Mayos and Vinaigrettes. So an unagi, avocado, cucumber green salad with daikon sprouts and a sambal aioli. Some may say it’s too early in the morning for unagi but I say, Never!

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We went from hoping the lease was going to be signed to a tornado of activity. It’s hard to believe that only a month ago we were waiting to sign a lease! Seriously?!! We can’t believe it. In less than two weeks we signed the lease, were allowed into the space early, painted, hooked up utilities, and brought in beautiful tables that Susana’s dad made for us.

Though we are always sad when other small businesses have to close, we were lucky to be able to purchase a bunch of goods from Blue Gardenia on Mississippi and from Alu on MLK, thank you to both of them for their contribution to a new endeavor. And between Susana and me we realized we had been collecting culinary toys for years and cleaned out our respective houses to outfit our new space.

We’ve been meeting with contractors, electricians, sign people and compost companies and that’s my excuse for not having written. My sincere apologies and I realize that trying to keep up with a blog while working doubles and trying to open a business has been a little overwhelming.
On 01/01/11 we had a “Woohoo, Our New Space” party for Facebook, family and friends. Don’t worry if you missed it, we will be having a Grand Opening as soon as our kitchen is completed! Any excuse is a good excuse for a party!

Since the first, we have purchased a freezer, reach-in, stove, stainless table and our hood system was put in yesterday sans the fan. Oh right, the fan. Turns out our building is on the historical registry so instead of taking the city a day to approve the permit, it’s going to take 8 weeks and we have to show design plans that the area with the fan will blend into the building. Even though this is a hiccup, and not a cheap hiccup, considering how fast this process has been going and how fortunate we have been I have to say that I’m just glad we can still get a hood system and well… it could be a lot worse. We are rolling with the changes.

We decided there were a huge variety of classes that we could offer without the hood (Raw Foods, Mind Your Meat Mistress, Snout to Tail! Pork and Lamb, Turducken 101: The Chicken, Knife Techniques) and amazing lectures that we want to offer, so we open the doors in February!
The press has been great and we are looking forward to more. We had a blog and then an article in the FoodDay, an article on Thrillist and a video being filmed tomorrow and another request for an interview this weekend. So I was serious about the Tornado.

Monday the 17th we did an Olive Oil tasting and lecture for Lattice Semiconductor in Beaverton. It was exciting to be in front of a whole room doing what we do best and everyone including us had a great time.

We are hoping to finish our purchasing of small wares soon, and the last kitchen piece, a three compartment sink, by the end of next week so we are completely set up. Our signs are in the window, the welcome mat is in front of the door and we are ready to have you in our shop!!/album.php?aid=21126&id;=112042322190463