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Culinary Demo Videos

I thought I’d dig up all the videos I could find of us on Youtube and post them all in one location for you to peruse at your leisure! We are hysterical not only in person but embarrassingly so on video so these of course are entertaining as well as informative. Enjoy and please feel free to ask us your food questions! 


How to cut an onion 

Chef Casady’s Turducken

Profile of a Culinary Educator-Melinda

A Kitchen Knife a Basic Primer

Braised Lamb with Hazelnut Nectar 

Extreme Cuisine with Drew Carney

Susana on Good Day Oregon

Facebook Videos! Chicken Liver Mousse

Baked Kale Yumminess

If you have partaken in our Knife Techniques class, you know that I have mentioned that you need to love your braising greens! We are deep into braising green season and if you are trying to eat locally and seasonally you better learn to like your greens. So here is a little help that Baked Kale dish that I’ve told some of you about. 

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No Wavy Gravy Here!

That’s right it’s just around the corner and one of the things we get asked about a lot is the gravy. For those of you who wait until the family is in the other room and then sneak the gravy into the blender in hopes of frappe-ing the lumps out before anyone sees, this blog’s for you.

Let’s talk about the meat of the matter. What makes gravy, gravy, is the use of the pan drippings. That’s the only thing that differentiates it from a regular ole sauce. But whether you are making a sauce or making a gravy the thickener that you need to be concerned about is the roux and this is the part that trips people up.

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Culinary Tip #7 Lemongrass Lime Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Graham Crust

It was Susana’s birthday on Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANA!!!!! Business partner extraordinaire and best friend.
Anyway for her birthday, which she reminded me about on a regular basis, she wanted a lemongrass lime coconut cream pie with lime graham crust. Guess what people, you don’t need a recipe to make something that your friend has completely pulled out of her… head… and has to have to make her birthday complete. All right you need one recipe pastry cream, but even then, you are changing it quite a bit.
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PCW Cooking Tip Week 3 Chicken Liver Mousse

My whole chicken comes with a little bag in it. When you buy whole chickens in the restaurant world you usually buy WOGs, or WithOut Guts, when you buy whole chickens at the regular grocery store most of the time they come with a little papery bag inside that contains the liver, kidney, heart and neck. I’m 100% sure that the pieces in that bag did not come from that same chicken, but you’ve got ‘em so you might as well use them!

Today we are concentrating on the livers. Save them! Put them all into a little baggy and throw them into the freezer until you get enough to make a cup or a pint depending on how many people you are feeding or how much you like Chicken Liver Mousse.

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Sunshine Berry Tart

On this rainy Portland day, the sun has left us once again and while I am search for one little bright ray I don’t think it’s going to happen. Most of us in the culinary field will tell you that at some point we chose this profession because we love to please people with food. I am taking it upon myself to bring all of you a little sunshine from my kitchen to yours.

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