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How to Store Your Fruits and Veggies

             How do I make those veggies last as long as possible in my refrigerator? If you are the person that tries to do the majority of your shopping all at once instead of running to the store everyday (which causes us to spend more), or are trying to incorporate more veggies in the diet, you’ve probably run into the problem of soggy, moldy, limp or browned masses in the bottom of the crisper.

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The Classes are here through March! And new stuff too!

Hey! The new calendar is out for our classes all the way through March. I’m not going to reiterate the whole list here but I do want to draw your attention to a few new listings that we have. And yes we kept a close list of all of the classes that you were requesting and tried to fit in every one. 

Spring break is coming up in a few months believe it or not, and if you are looking for an activity for your kids to do during that week, we’ve got the place for you! We are going to offer a Kids Camp and a Teen Camp during the last week of March. Kids Camp will be from 9-11am for ages 8-11 years old. Teen Camp will be from noon-3pm for 12-18 year olds. You can purchase single days or the whole week for a steal! All the young people will be learning Knife Techniques, Sauce Making, Principles of Cooking, International and Desserts! If your kids came to camp over the summer, we are going to have new things for them to be learning! It’s an absolute blast and kids will be learning life long skills to boot! 

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