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Grating Ginger PCW Tip Week 2

So did you dig last week’s tip? Well consider this part two! But before we get to that a quickie update on what’s new at PCW. Our fundraiser for the Sauvie Island Center went smashingly and we were happy to be helping out such a great cause by teaching people how to make good food. It was a win win for us. Check them out because they have a barn dance happening on the 30th of July complete with BBQ that sounds like the bees’ knees.
Our Teen Camp for next week is sold out! We promise that next year we’ll run it for two weeks and add advanced classes for those participating this year!

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PCW Tip Week 1 Peeling Ginger

My in-laws were in town this week. That may not be a surprise to some of you who follow us on Facebook and saw dinner being made for them. One of the many activities we did was head over to the coast and spent a few hours in Cannon Beach. There is a cute little wine bar called Lush on the south side of downtown. We sat on the plant filled patio in the sunshine (yes really there was sun) and drank wine and beer and had snacks.

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Butchery and Utilization

Let’s be honest. Americans have become a chicken breast nation. We will happily fork over (sorry for the pun) $8+ for 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts rather than the same amount of money for a whole chicken. And why would we not want two legs, two thighs, 2 breasts, 2 wings and bones for the same price as 2 breasts, because we like the convenience, which of course has gotten us in to a whole mess of trouble in other areas of our diet.It takes effort to separate a chicken into its individual parts, or package those for the freezer, or use the bones to make a stock.

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Making Lemonade from Lemons, or a Smoker from a Lousy Freezer

We’ve been gearing up for a very busy spring, so many events happening! It’s exciting to be busy, don’t get me wrong though I’d like to be even busier, that’s a problem I could happily live with. We’re excited to be offering pastry and baking classes taught Continue reading Making Lemonade from Lemons, or a Smoker from a Lousy Freezer

So Awesome I Almost Shed a Tear

Blog, what? We have a blog? I ‘m not going to apologize every time I slack off, so bare with me. I work two jobs (only for another month and then it’s PCW full time baby!) and sometimes after a long day I just want to sit on the couch and play Donkey Kong and drink a beer. Come on, you know that sounds better than blogging.

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