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Culinary Mythbusting #1 A Souffle

Many times people look at things like soufflés and think there is a mystery and that they are too intimidating to master themselves. We are here to change that with as many things as possible. 

We’ve all heard about banging oven doors, cupboards, yelling in the house, or yes the dog farts in the other room and the soufflé crashes ruining a beautiful dessert or breakfast. 

First of all the leavening for soufflé, or what gives it it’s lift is air and steam. That’s not unusual, things like puff dough and croissants also have the use of steam that is created when the butter starts to melt. What makes this notoriously less stable Continue reading Culinary Mythbusting #1 A Souffle

Culinary Tip #7 Lemongrass Lime Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Graham Crust

It was Susana’s birthday on Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANA!!!!! Business partner extraordinaire and best friend.
Anyway for her birthday, which she reminded me about on a regular basis, she wanted a lemongrass lime coconut cream pie with lime graham crust. Guess what people, you don’t need a recipe to make something that your friend has completely pulled out of her… head… and has to have to make her birthday complete. All right you need one recipe pastry cream, but even then, you are changing it quite a bit.
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Sunshine Berry Tart

On this rainy Portland day, the sun has left us once again and while I am search for one little bright ray I don’t think it’s going to happen. Most of us in the culinary field will tell you that at some point we chose this profession because we love to please people with food. I am taking it upon myself to bring all of you a little sunshine from my kitchen to yours.

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