Culinary Lectures given by PCW

Week Long Meal Planning

January 2, 2019

This lecture class will walk you through how to shop for multiple meals on a budget, what to look for when planning a week's meals and what dishes work to make other meals from so you aren't stuck eating a giant casserole for 4 days. Simple tips and recipes will be shared to make meal planning less of a chore while learning how to stretch your dollar and creating delicious food!

Lecture Price: $25 (24 Available)

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Using Fresh Herbs and Spices

February 1, 2019

This class will walk you through not only the history and origins of many common herbs and spices, but the not-so-common will be covered and used in class. You will learn flavor proviles and combinations with many different dishes. What works and what doesn't and how to best use herbs and spices in your kitchen will open up a whole new world of culinary delights! We'll of course also be tasting foods in class and have a feast to test out come herbacious creations. Yum!

Kids 12 and under Price: $45 (16 Available)
Workshop Price: $65 (16 Available)

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