Kids & Teens

Cooking Classes for Kids and Teens

Our “all ages” classes are open to 12 and under at a reduced price without a chaperon, however, be aware that it is a fast-paced three hour class that for the most part has adult participants. If you feel your child is comfortable within that social setting and learning environment enough to join class, it’s an option. You are also more than welcome to register for class with the child if you feel they might need more adult assistance.

Kids Breads

September 2, 2017

Discover how to make wonderful home baked artisan breads in this introductory class. Learn tips and technique to make delicious loaves, rolls and more. Kids 8-12 yrs old

Workshop Price: $45 (6 Available)

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Kids Principles of Baking

September 9, 2017

Just for kids! Join us for this brand new addition to PCW's line up. We are going to bake amazing treats that are going to make sure you learn essential baking techniques to make your kid a pro at home! 

Kids Under 12 Workshop Price: $45 (2 Available)

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Kids Biscuits and Scones

September 10, 2017

Guess what? We'll be making biscuits and scones in this class! Kids will learn all the hands on techniques to properly execute the biscuit method making light and fluffy pastries for taking home!

Kids Workshop Price: $45 (1 Available)

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Kids Pasta from Scratch

September 17, 2017

This is for kids 8-12 years old! Fresh pasta is like a blank canvas. You are only limited by your imagination, but first you have to have the canvas. Learn how to make the dough and beautiful sheets of pasta, and other pasta shapes in this class. Once you learn how the texture of the dough looks and feels like, you will be able to whip up your own fresh pasta at home.There is no meal in this class but you get to take home all of the pasta that you make! 

Workshop Price: $45 (6 Available)

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Kids Sushi 8-12 yrs old

September 23, 2017

For Kids 8-12 yrs old We provide all the ingredients and they learn to prep and roll their own sushi in this fun class for those that love sushi. Come and learn to make rolls and have a sushi feast!

Workshop Price: $45 (0 Available)

Kids Principles of Cooking: part 1, 8-12 yrs old

September 24, 2017

This class is for kids 8-12 yrs old. Technique and basic cooking methods will be covered in this class. You will learn how to sauté, braise, roast and pan fry. Learn how to master the basics and demystify great tasting, well executed meals! An essential class for your young cook!!

Workshop Price: $45 (0 Available)

Kids Pizza

September 30, 2017

Just for kids from 6-12 years old! We'll teach them to make pizza from scratch, they'll get to make their own dough and learn home to cut up all the vegetables themselves as well as the sauce! Give your kids a gift of a new skill that will start them on a lifetime of learning in the kitchen. 

Workshop Price: $45 (5 Available)

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