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Classes in Gluten Free Cooking

Wine and Cuisine of Spain

July 5, 2017

We'll pair wines from across the region of Spain with delicious dishes that highlight the wonderful foods of Spain. You'll visit Andalucia, the interior, coastal and northern regions to learn how to prepare amazing food. From Paella, to Chocolate Chestnut Truffle Cake, dazzle your friends at your next dinner party with a trip to Spain from what you learn at the workshop.

Workshop Price: $85 (0 Available)

Thai Street Food

July 11, 2017

We often get a bit of the watered down version of foods from around the world when we go out to eat. Take this class to learn about the true and authentic flavors of Thailand. You won't learn how to make Pad Thai here...but you will learn about the intense and spicy dishes found at rickety carts and stalls dotting the streets of Thailand.

Kids 12 and under Price: $45 (0 Available)
Workshop Price: $65 (0 Available)

Knife Techniques

July 14, 2017

This crucial class will take the chore out of the kitchen. You will learn how to hold and use a knife properly, what you need to have in your arsenal at home and what you don't need, as well as showing you how to keep your knife sharp. We will show you a series of tricks that professionals know that will cut down on the time you spend prepping in the kitchen. No meal involved just a lot of practice! 

Workshop Price: $45 (8 Available)

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Regional Mexican Cuisine

July 18, 2017

We will discover regional favorites from around this vast and diverse culinary gem. From the Yucatan, to Oaxaca, Chiapas and Veracruz regions, blending the Mesoamerican staples with Spanish influences to create a unique menu beyond Tex Mex.

Kids under 12 Price: $45 (9 Available)
workshop Price: $65 (9 Available)

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Sushi and Sake!

July 28, 2017

We provide all the ingredients and prep and you learn to roll your own sushi in this fun class for the whole family. Come make a super sushi spread with sake!

Workshop Price: $75 (0 Available)