Butchery Classes


July 18, 2020

Our NEW series of Digital classes now allow you to keep learning with us from the comfort of your own home at your own pace! Classes are pre-recorded, so no need to worry about delay, or missing out on vital information. Registrations for duck classes WITH a kit close on Monday the 13th for ordering purposes. NO KIT registrations open until 1:30pm PST on day of class. We will be deboning a duck, rendering the fat, curing the legs and making confit, and learning how to cook the breast properly, make stock, along with making side dishes to go along with your delicious duck dishes. (say that 10 times in a row)  No kit registrations will need the following: 1 Whole Duck Roasted Duck Stock 1ea         Duck carcass 2 C          Onions large dice 1 C         Carrots large dice 1 C         Celery large dice 1 ea         Thyme sprig 4 ea         Black peppercorns 1 ea         Bay leaf 2 ea         Parsley stems   Confit 1 C         Salt 2 T         Juniper berries ground 2 T         Cumin toasted and ground 2 ea         Garlic cloves minced  2 T         Italian parsley minced  ¼ C         Sugar 2-3C         Duck fat (enough to cover)    Duchesse Potatoes 2 ea         Lg Russet potatoes peeled med dice (about 3 C diced) ¼ C         Heavy cream 1/4  C      Butter ½ C         Parmesan Cheese grated 2 ea         Egg yolks tt         Salt   Glazed Carrots 1 C  Sliced carrots (1-2 ea carrots) ¼ C orange juice 1T brown sugar tt salt 1T high temp oil Equipment list Cutting board stiff boning knife chef's knife sheet pan stock pot large sauce pot small sauce pot 2 saute pans strainer/colander cheese cloth large spoon loaf pan or something deep and narrow for cooking and curing the legs small bowl something for mashing your potatoes, a food mill or ricer is going to give you the best results, the more lumps the harder it's going to be pipe it Optional: Large star tip we'll give you a piping bag so you can pipe it's uhhh going to have a different shape if you don't have a star tip but it will still be delicious!      

class with NO meal kit included Price: $25 (40 Available)
class WITH meal kit included Price: $45 (18 Available)

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Snout to Tail: Pork!

July 31, 2020

Save money, buy hormone, antibiotic free meat or support a local farmer and rancher by purchasing a pig or cow and sharing it with your friends and family. With this series of classes, you will learn how to break down an entire pig (lamb, chicken) and learn how to utilize every part.

Kids 12 & Under Workshop Price: $75 (7 Available)
Workshop Price: $95 (7 Available)

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Sausage & Smoking Two Day Class

August 14, 2020

This is a two day class! 9-noon both Thursday and Friday evening. Leave with a vat of sausage to take home on Friday! Perfect in time for your BBQ Don't let sausage making intimidate you! Come join us to learn how to make awesome savory sausages that you can easily do at home. We'll prep them for day 2 and we'll be smoking our hard work as well as discussing smoking techniques and making some awesome dishes to accompany some of the treats that we made. Don't worry though there will be plenty of sausage for you to take home!

Kids 12 & Under Workshop Price: $75 (10 Available)
Workshop Price: $95 (10 Available)

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Master the Chicken

September 26, 2020

You might not need to learn how to breakdown a chicken blindfolded in under 3 minutes like Melinda can, but she's the perfect person to teach you how to cut up a whole chicken. You will never waste money on boneless skinless chicken breast ever again! Whole chickens are cheaper AND used in so many ways!

Kids 12 and under Price: $25 (10 Available)
Workshop Price: $45 (10 Available)

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