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It’s Never Too Early For Death Nog

As we are rapidly approaching… more like rocketing toward, the days of spending hours upon hours with our loved ones, I started thinking about the drink we maybe shouldn’t be without. Instead of waiting until the news starts blaring “BLIZZARD APOCALYPSE OF 2011!!” in hopes of scaring us into canceling our travel plans to Grandma’s house, we should start with a warm and terribly fuzzy recipe. 

Do not drink this before driving, operating heavy machinery, or trying to have an intelligent conversation. 



2 cups Brandy

2 cups Rum

2 cups whiskey

5 eggs separated

2 cups powdered sugar sifted

1 qt Half & Half


In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and the powdered sugar until light and fluffy. Take a swig of brandy. Dump in 1 cup of the rum, whiskey and the 1 cup minus the swig of the brandy. Refrigerate for at least an hour. Take a swig of Rum. Combine the half & half and the rest of the alcohol after taking a swig of whiskey (it needs to be even). Whisk the  egg whites till soft to medium peaks. Fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture and then fold into the half & half mixture.Refrigerate. Drink, Eat, Sleep. 

I believe the shelf life of this is well past that of a Twinkie.  

The original version of this from Jane. Thanks Jane! 

Rewards for you our loyal friends

Hooray! PCW has a frequent buyer program in place!!

We’ve been trying to come up with some way to keep track of all the people that are coming through our doors without the old punch card system. Lucky for us a new company in town called Perka had the solution! Now every time you join us for a class you can “check in” to Perka on your iphone or Android or just send us a quick text and you’ll receive a “punch”. Hooray! So easy for you, so easy for us and no one kills any trees to do it.

After 3 classes you’ll receive a free utensil

After 5 classes you’ll get 20% off your next class

After 9 classes you get your 10th class free and become a VIP

VIP’s receive $5 off classes for life!

WHOA that’s pretty sweet. Download the Perka app for free now and be prepared the next time you arrive at the shop.



And once again don’t worry if you don’t have a smart phone there is a quick text you can do while you’re at the shop. Perka is for everyone!

Thank you so much to you all, because we have frequent class participators we can now have rewards, and we are very happy to be able to reward you. We appreciate all your business and your support so that we can continue doing what we love and hopefully bring more people back to their kitchens!









No Wavy Gravy Here!

That’s right it’s just around the corner and one of the things we get asked about a lot is the gravy. For those of you who wait until the family is in the other room and then sneak the gravy into the blender in hopes of frappe-ing the lumps out before anyone sees, this blog’s for you.

Let’s talk about the meat of the matter. What makes gravy, gravy, is the use of the pan drippings. That’s the only thing that differentiates it from a regular ole sauce. But whether you are making a sauce or making a gravy the thickener that you need to be concerned about is the roux and this is the part that trips people up.

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