Dear loyal PCW students,
It is with extraordinary sadness that after ten years of proudly providing you with cooking classes, we have closed Portland’s Culinary Workshop permanently due to the economic hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We worked very hard to keep our small business alive, but alas we can not sustain it any longer and don’t feel that opening safely for our students or our employees is feasible. Your health and our employees health is and ALWAYS has been our top priority.
It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have taught all of you, and our loyal customers have been the ones that have made staying in business all these years possible and allowed our entire team to do what we love, which is teaching. This has been an amazing ride for us and we are absolutely heartbroken that it’s over. We thank you for your kindness and understanding. We are so grateful for the support everyone has given to us over the years. We love you all and will miss you tremendously.